Begining in 2020 all Michigan residents will need to have a REAL ID card to enter some federal buildings, board domestic flights, or enter military bases. REAL ID cards will have a star inside a gold circle in the upper right corner, or if you have an enhanced license it will have an American flag on the upper right corner and it is already REAL ID compliant.

Most people will need this new license most frequently to board a domestic flight. You will still be able to use your regular ID and a passport after October 1, 2020, but if you don't have a passport you will need to apply for a new card.

The good news is, there is no additional cost to apply for the REAL ID card when you renew your drivers' license, and you can begin applying on Monday (August 28, 2017). When you have to renew your license just go to the Secretary of State to apply for a REAL ID card, you will receive an insert that tells you what documentation to bring.

If you do not have to renew your license before October 1, 2020, and want to upgrade your license to a REAL ID you can click here to get information.


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