If you've watched the runners cross the finish line on the bricks and thought, "I can't do that but I'd love to," YES YOU CAN. Here's how.

The first event we ever attended when we moved to Flint was the Crim. I remember asking my coworker about the race and she said, "Those people crossing the finish line just ran 10 miles." And of course, I made the typical joke...

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I ran a little bit of cross country in high school; instead, I took part in the spring musical. I used to run for fun, but how the HELL would I build up to running 10 miles?

Three words: Crim training program.

Why should you take part?

1. You want to run/walk a Crim race, but you've never done a race in your life.

You're placed in a group based on your goals and your times, so you'll be with people who are just as nervous and determined as you are. Whether you walk 10 miles or run 5, there's a group for you.

2. HELLO? New friends!

It's always hard to get out and make new friends and, through my several years of being in the training program, I've made some GREAT lifelong friends.

3. You get free entry into other area races before the Crim.

Aside from meeting every Tuesday (and we're all adults with jobs and lives so, if you miss a night or two, it's no biggie) you'll receive vouchers for entry into other area races to get prepared for the Crim.

4. Red carpet treatment the day of the race from Advanced Physical Therapy Center

As you'll find during your training, stretching is EVERYTHING and the folks at APTC will have a red carpet rolled out for you to skip the line on the morning of the Crim.

5. You'll be 100% ready to run to FINISH the day of the race!

I've run the Crim with training and without and I can tell you this - I was much better prepared when I did the training program.


Are you ready? Click HERE to register and fill out the form below to win a free spot in the training program! Winner will be chosen on Friday, February 28th.


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