State Rep. Joseph Graves has been appointed to a new work group, which will look into how Michigan universities and colleges work with veterans.

Graves, a veteran and member of the House committee on Military and Veterans Affairs, will serve on the work group with Reps. Dale Zorn and Lesia Liss. The work group will put together a recommendation of best practices that Michigan colleges and universities should implement in enrolling veterans.

"Veterans put their lives on the line for our freedom and deserve the best educational options out there," said Graves, R-Argentine Township. "As a veteran, I'm pleased to be a part of this work group and am looking forward to helping identify best practices that universities and colleges can implement to help connect Michigan veterans with the education they deserve."

The group will work closely with the Michigan Educator's Veterans Support Consortium, a coalition of stakeholders committed to developing best practices to assist veterans' educational needs. Graves said the work group is hoping to have recommendations completed to report to the House committee in the fall.

Hear audio below from Graves on his appointment: