The Grand Blanc City Farmer's Markect is promoting Senior Market Project Fresh thanks to a recently awarded $2,400 grant from the Merkley-Elderly Charitable Trust. Grand Blanc City Farmers Market officials hope this program will encourage senior market goers to participate in the Senior Market Project Fresh Program.

Merkley-Elderly Charitable Trust awarded this grant to the Grand Blanc City Farmers Market for the innovative idea of matching coupons to improve senior community members' health. This group was formed to provide service to those persons described as elderly and who have limited means of support and maintenance.

The project, led by the Grand Blanc City Farmers Market, will aim to increase Market Project Fresh redemption for seniors. The grant will fund 300, $2 gift certificates to Senior Project Fresh coupon holders, as well as fund $20 worth of coupons for future Grand Blanc City Farmers Market purchases.

Senior Project Fresh/Market Fresh originates from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) funding. It is part of the Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program. The program was designed to benefit both farmers and seniors.

To qualify, an older adult must be:

  • 60 years of age or older
  • have a household income 185% of poverty or less (for single households $20, 147; two person household $27,214)
  • live in the county where the coupons are issued

Eligible adults will receive a minimum of 10, $2 coupons that can be used as cash at authorized farmers markets and roadside stands. These coupons can be used from June 1-October 31. Coupons must be used to purchase unprocessed, Michigan grown products.

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