Governor Rick Snyder signed legislation on Monday that will increase penalties for drive-by shootings.

In a statement, Snyder said "the safety and wellbeing of all Michiganders is and always will be a top priority. These bills will help keep our residents safe while encouraging smart decision making with regard to firearm use."

Senate Bill 582 redefines and increases the maximum penalties for unlawful use of a firearm for cases involving drive-by shootings and shootings that occur on the property of a home or business. Under the law signed Monday, the discharge of a firearm from a motor vehicle, ORV or snowmobile is a crime without the need to prove that the shooting endangered another individual. Also, the discharge of a firearm within a potentially occupied structure is now a crime without the need to prove that the structure was actually occupied at the time of the shooting. For both types of unlawful use, the penalties will escalate based on the degree of risk and injury caused.

Senate Bill 583, sponsored by state Senator Jim Ananich of Flint, incorporates the new penalty provisions into the sentencing guidelines set forth in the Code of Criminal Procedure.

The bills are now Public Acts 191 and 192, respectively.


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