While traditional live sketches are still the backbone of any given episode, modern SNL is frequently at its best in the pre-recorded segments. The past few years have seen an interesting evolution as the silly “digital shorts” of a decade ago have matured into full-blown filmmaking, with sketches that feel more like short films than just a comedy bit. Last night’s Ryan Gosling-hosted episode peaked with a pre-recorded sketch titled “Santa Baby,” which let both SNL and Gosling himself turn the weird up to 11.

The sketch revolves around two guests (Gosling and Vanessa Bayer) at a Christmas party who become very excited when they learn that “Santa Claus” will be paying the kids a visit. As the other adults try to get a handle on why these two grown-up people want to meet Santa, the situation quickly spirals out of control. Threats of violence, bizarre sexual tension, and an overwhelming sense of discomfort ensue.

You know you’re in for something good when the title appears on the screen and it’s in the Pulp Fiction font. While the sketch itself isn’t quite as nerve-wracking or intense as a Quentin Tarantino movie, there is some overlap. This sketch is a little more unpleasant and a little darker than your average SNL bit. There’s even some genuine tension, which isn’t something that gets said about an SNL episode very often.

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