God doesn’t take Sundays off.

With the Super Bowl right around the corner, the Public Religion Research Institute conducted a survey which found that half of all sports fans in the US think God or some other higher power has a hand in deciding which team wins games.

About 26% pray to God on behalf of their team, while one-quarter believe their team is cursed (yeah, we're looking at you Cleveland Browns fans).

About 33% of football ask the big man upstairs to let their team win, the most of any sport.

Football, of course, is a Sunday ritual, but so is church. So, which wins out? Twenty-five percent said they’re more likely to be in church, compared to the 21% who chose watching football. Twenty percent said both and one-third said neither.

A total of 20% of fans engage in rituals when their team plays, such as wearing a certain jersey or doing a specific dance.

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