Here’s to more days of shirt sleeves, short shorts, sandals and sunglasses. Bring on the sun! Yes I know that this is not what the debate is about. I was not born yesterday, because If I were I might believe anything being said by those warning of the impending climatic tragedy due to man’s activities. I would be in a nervous panic, and saddled with so much guilt, I would question my very existence. Am I denying climate change and do I Think the Earth is flat? Hmmm...

The mantra from academia, the current administration some in the media and “climate activists”, is that the science is settled and there is no debate. They have concluded that man on his current course will destroy the planet killing billions of people, plants and animals in the process. That our unchecked selfishness and greed will, and have caused, weather patterns never before experienced in the history of the world. Floods, hurricanes earthquakes and fires will become daily occurrences everywhere because I choose to heat or cool my home with fossil fuel. If a record amount of rain should fall, it is because the automobile you drive seats eight people. How can we be so insensitive? It is people like me who refuse the intellect of those “in the know”, that will be the downfall of humanity.

In order to save me from myself and rescue mankind, the force of the government has been employed. My obstinate attitude must be curtailed. Therefore my eight passenger vehicle which runs on fossil fuel must get 50mpg. Current manufacturing technology does not allow for this, so my fuel burning disgusting planet killer is now the size of a park bench on wheels powered by electricity. Let us keep this fact secret for now, but most electricity is generated by fossil fuels. Another attempt at my rescue is to force me to use less electricity for creature comforts at home. My appliances MUST be energy efficient and have the approval of the “green energy” department of the government best known as the EPA. Most all consumer goods have some sort of “reminder” about recycling the packaging after use. Is it coincidental that manufacturers all of a sudden decided to save the planet? So I don’t litter, I don’t take more than I need, I don’t drive like the last lap at Indy but, I do however like to see when in a room without fear of mercury poisoning, so the cute squiggly light bulbs aren’t on my list.

Conversely, from some of the biggest proponents of global warming, we hear of the certain tragedy which has been inflicted by us, but after the speeches and warnings they continue the same destructive practices. One would think with such dire straits looming over the globe, not one of the alarmists would be seen with a mobile phone, on television, radio, in a car – regardless of its means of power – on a plane or doing almost anything a modern human does today. If this belief is so strong and the science is so true, why would you risk hastening Armageddon by your actions? One answer would be, “modern means of communication is the only way to sound the alarm.” Radio, television and phone will accomplish that so are cars and planes necessary? Today’s technology allows communication from home so your travel is unnecessary. Speaking of homes, is yours more than a rudimentary shelter from the elements? Is it adorned with the latest creature comforts you find so abhorrent? How is it powered? Surely you want to set the example by your lifestyle. You cannot live without thinking of your fellow man.

Our government has much to answer to in this farce of a crisis. The current administration has fallen prey (perhaps by choice), to the hoax of “climate change.” If by choice the only conclusion is for more control over the population of this country. If indeed the administration believes as Sec. of State Kerry said, “..climate change is the greatest threat we face..”, the priorities of the administration are extremely misguided. They have cast aside their sworn oaths to protect and defend The constitution of The United States of America for a purely political and financial agenda. If as they say we allow ‘their’ course to continue uninterrupted a change in the weather will be the least of all our concerns. We will have turned over our sovereignty as a nation and as a global community to something which none of us have any control over.

Once again, spring turns to summer, summer to fall, fall to winter and winter back to spring, again this year as it has and, will next. And inasmuch as you would like to believe humans can affect and/or effect change in the weather, something which we had no say in its design, face it we can’t. If you have concerns with the Earth’s temperature, I suggest you inquire of Earth’s doctor. Voice your concern to God. Listen quietly; He will respond.