GM and the United Auto Workers have announced they will donate $3 million to help kids in Flint impacted by the water crisis.

According to a news release, the money will go the United Way of Genesee County and will be used to help support health and educational needs. The donation will be spread over the next five years and "will address immediate, ongoing and growing needs of Flint children affected by lead."

United Way of Genesee County CEO Jaime Gaskin said "this crisis has impacted every Flint resident, most specifically children under the age of six who face a long road to recovery." He added they're "outlining a framework that will support these children with things like at-home care, nutritional assistance and early childhood and supplemental education so they can continue to learn and grow."

The Detroit News says the donation announcement comes just a week after UAW President Dennis Williams and consumer advocate Ralph Nader questioned whether or not the automaker did enough to raise awareness of potential problems with Flint water. The automaker stopped using the water in its Flint Assembly plants due to the corrosiveness. However, GM spokesperson Tom Wickham says the donation has nothing to due with it adding they have been "in talks with the United Way for a number of weeks" and were looking for the "right area to support given all the financial support that has come in."