We were excited enough to hear that comedy legend and occasional Oscars host Billy Crystal would return to TV for the forthcoming FX single camera pilot 'The Comedians,' but he certainly won't be doing it alone. 'jOBS' star and former '1600 Penn' lead Josh Gad has signed on for the leading role opposite Billy Crystal, but what will 'The Comedians' have to say about the state of the game?

Via Entertainment Weekly, Gad will play a young, hip comic with his star on the rise who protests being paired with with an older legendary comedian (Crystal) for a late-night comedy sketch show. Crystal himself will star, write and produce in the single-camera comedy pilot, for his part.

Larry Charles (‘Seinfeld’), Matt Nix (‘Burn Notice‘) and Ben Wexler (‘Community,’ ‘Arrested Development‘) will serve as writers and producers of the series along with Crystal, while FX President John Landgraf said of the initial announcement:

It truly is an honor to be in business with Billy Crystal and Larry Charles, two of the all-time greats in comedy. We have also wanted for some time to be in business with Matt Nix, who has done such an amazing job creating and running ‘Burn Notice.’ They, along with Ben Wexler, are an unbeatable team and we’re incredibly excited about this project.

Production will likely begin on ‘The Comedians’ before the end of year, but what do you think of Billy Crystal's big TV return? Does Josh Gad have what it takes to go toe to toe with the veteran comedic actor?