Former English teacher, Heather Breedlove Nianouris has a Christmas Card PSA for all of us. She wants the world to know that apostrophes do not form plurals. When signing your last name on your card this year, don't just put an apostrophe at the end and call it a day. An apostrophe is positive so if I were signing a card Jenny B's Cat, that would be correct, but just signing it Jenny B's does not mean it is from me and my significant other.

Let's use the last name Smith for this example. You would not sign anything Love, The Smith's. The correct way would be Love, The Smiths. If your last name ends in an s, like Curtis, you would add an es to make it Curtises.

Heather originally shared this apostrophe PSA in November of 2017, she then shared it again on Facebook November 10th of this year. So far, the video has been viewed over 12 million times. That is over 12 million last names that will never see an inappropriate apostrophe again.

Happy Christmas card season, Love Cars 108.


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