Calvin Johnson announced Tuesday that he is retiring from the NFL and the Detroit Lions, and it's saddened many Lions fans.

One of Johnson's biggest supporters, former teammate and friend, Nate Burleson took to Facebook Tuesday to share his thoughts on Megatron's retirement

Burleson seems to sum up what many have said about Johnson, his work ethic, and his love for the city of Detroit.

He said he looked at Megatron as a superhero, here to save the city,

I can only describe it like a Super Hero realizing his Super Powers one day at a time until he realized he was there to save the city.

And save it, he did. Not so much the city of Detroit itself, but fans of the Detroit Lions. While the Lions are still far from perfect, and have yet to make it to a Super Bowl, Johnson was an exciting player to watch. He was our modern-day Barry Sanders.

Burleson addressed Johnson directly, saying,

You are one of few shinning examples of how I will not only teach my kids to approach sports but how to approach life. Never told you this but this is how I saw you when we played together...

You can see Burleson's entire tribute to his former teammate below.

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