Unusually cold weather for the month of November is the big story right now. But forget about that -- what will make this a winter to remember is the amount of snow we'll be shoveling this season.

The first thing weather forecasters look for is global weather patterns like El Nino and La Nina, according to WJBK's Derek Kevra.

"This year we don't have either," he says. "We are considered neutral. Last time we had a neutral pattern was back in 2013-2014, and that was the year we set the record for most snowfall ever in a single winter."

Kevra goes on to say that warm water in the Pacific Ocean will fuel a jetstream pattern that will force arctic air and plenty of snow into the upper Midwest. In fact, we should expect "several rounds of icy blasts, with plenty of snow."

So what are the snow totals? It's not an exact science, but Kevra predicts that we'll see plenty of snow in the months of January and February, which means we could see somewhere between 50 and 60 inches of snow for the season.

Make sure that the snowblower is in good working order!

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