One of these things is DEFINITELY not like the others.

Take a you see it? Right side of the pic. Okay, NOW do you see it?

A Zillow listing for a house for sale in Oak Park, Michigan has got people talking, and not because it's a great buy.

If you look closely, there's a plate with a white powdery substance cut into lines on the counter.

WXYZ-TV Channel 7 via Facebook
WXYZ-TV Channel 7 via Facebook


Yes, really.

A Detroit news station called the number attached to the listing, and a man picked up the phone who claimed to be the boyfriend of the realtor. He said that the powder is actually headache medication, and he put it out on the counter to see if the pic would go viral.

Well, he won - the listing had 29,000 views before it was removed from the site.

Police were notified, but said that they won't be investigating further because they don't have enough probable cause for a search warrant.


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