Today’s lesson in drug smuggling: obey the traffic laws, make sure your license is valid, and get your story straight.

So learned Mark Bailey and Lisa Calderon, a California couple arrested in Pueblo, Colorado on Sunday after it was discovered they had some $10 million worth of cocaine in the trunk of their rented car.

Bailey, who was driving, was pulled over for making an illegal lane change on Interstate 25, a notorious drug trafficking corridor. A check on his driver’s license found it had been revoked. The couple also seemed nervous and had conflicting stories about where they were going and why.

When the officer noticed the back of the car seemed weighted down, he called in a drug-sniffing dog. That’s when four black duffel bags stuffed with 220 pounds of cocaine were found in the trunk.

Pueblo Deputy Police Chief Andrew McLachlan said, “This is definitely the largest cocaine seizure in our department’s history.”


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