Tennessee Collierville High football coach Shawn Abel stepped down from his coaching position after his profanity-laden pregame locker room speech was leaked on YouTube.

Abel submitted his resignation to the school’s principal on Monday after word of his angry rant started to spread. Principal Tim Setterland accepted the resignation, but there’s been no firm decision yet on whether or not Abel will be allowed to continue his position as a calculus teacher at the school. He is currently on administrative leave.

While he believes he deserves to keep his job, Abel was apologetic about his inappropriate tirade. He said, “I didn’t use good judgment. My intent in that meeting was to motivate, and my methods were grossly out of line. I offer no excuses for what transpired, only apologies and regret.”

Students have taken to the internet in support of Abel, starting a Support Coach Shawn Abel Facebook page and posting messages of support. “I’m behind Coach Abel 100%,” Facebook user Justin Pennington wrote on the page. “Great Coach, Great Teacher, Great Man & Great Mentor!”

Despite the negative press he’s receiving, Abel plans to continue his teaching career, either at Collierville High or another Memphis area school.


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