And they plan on offering it until it's no longer needed.

This has been a serious point of contention when it was announced that many schools in the country would be going virtual temporarily - what about the kids who don't have internet?

Problem solved.

Flushing United Methodist Church has become the first house of worship in the area to offer a study hall for students to do their schoolwork that has a WiFi hotspot.

“So we have this nice big room and we figured we can spread out and we have decent WiFi connection and so it was a small investment for us to boost the signal to put in a few extra access points so that the signal is really strong, and could handle a couple dozen kids,” Pastor JJ Mannschreck told ABC 12.

Read that again - they actually PAID to put in more access points so that their signal is super strong.


The fellowship hall is open from 8:30 AM until the school day is over. Masks are required and parents do have to attend. The church says that they can't assume responsibility for all of the kids and they want this to be a safe place.

Pastor Mannschreck told ABC 12, “We are here for you. This is what we do. We’re just finding new ways to be there for the community and we’ll be here as long as we are needed."

I love this. All of this. This is what I was brought up to understand that churches are about - helping people. And that's exactly what they're doing.

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