During a campaign rally for gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer(D) in Flint, MI, Nov 3, 2018, Mayor of Flint Karen Weaver compared the necessity of residents to vote in the mid-term elections as urgent as the water crisis which plagued the city in 2014.

During her remarks, The Mayor commented that "democracy and decency had been hijacked" and voters who do not support the Democratic ticket would be akin to the residents allowing the City of Flint to continue living under a "dictatorship" of the past 8 years, which she feels as if it had "annexed" The State of Michigan. Most of the local activists and others who deem the state's emergency manager law and state oversight of the city's finances during the period when the water problems occurred, often use similar language. Watch her comments in the video.

Several members of local and state government are currently on trial for their roles in what is commonly referred to as "The Flint Water Crisis", while repair to the City's infrastructure is ongoing.

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