Should we be concerned that they don't know the exact number?

There has been a lot of talk in locally-based social media groups about how a bunch of women are missing from Flint, many of whom have a connection to the "Fenton Road corridor." There is also a lot of criticism of local police in these threads, mostly pertaining to what the public perceives as inaction or flat out denial on their part.

I've also been doing a bit of research into this situation and, much to my surprise, finding a comprehensive list of actual reported missing persons is not an easy thing to do. You'd think there would be a website, that is easily accessible, where you could pull up information on all area missing persons. I did find some national resources like this, but it definitely didn't include all people reported missing. In fact, for Flint it only had one recently missing person listed -- Brianna Jayde Vibert. It's hard to believe that information is not readily available to the public.

In the video below, Fox 66 approached the Flint Police about the reports of missing women, and their responses were, well, probably not what most people wanted to hear. Perhaps the most confounding aspect of the video is that both the officers and the chief seem unable to pin down whether 4 or 5 or maybe even 7 women are legitimately missing.

Luckily, it sounds like all local police departments are coordinating with each other and the FBI on the matter. Hopefully, some of the people involved have concrete details on the situation. There are also groups of citizens who've been searching the city in groups with hopes of finding these women. No matter how many there are, I hope that they are all brought home safely.

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