Dr. Ben Carson, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary, made a visit to Flint, MI Friday 7-19-18 to award the city a $30 million dollar grant. The funds, which can be leveraged at a 9 to 1 ratio for a total of $300 million dollars, are part of the "Choice Neighborhood Grants" program. Six communities  were selected to participate, with Flint chosen to announce the nationwide program.

The grant will be used to re-locate current residents of The Atherton East apartment/town homes on Flint's south side, to two new 'multi-income' developments located on the north-east and south-east sides of the city. Along with the new apartments, other amenities such as shopping, entertainment, and restaurants are also proposed.

The residents of Atherton East also participated and were represented throughout the grant application process. Their excitement for the project was on full display as Tiffany Maris, resident and tenants representative, addressed the audience.

The 6 year life of the grant will be administered by The Flint Housing Commission in conjunction with the City's Planning and Development Department, the three phase plan has a proposed start date of Spring 2019. Each of these agencies shared comments and thanked all who participated and worked diligently to assist Flint to acquire the grant.

Full details available at City of Flint (810) 766-7346

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