Flint City Councilman Wantwaz Davis made some strong accusations regarding the mayor, the recent garbage dispute, and the involvement of disgraced former mayor, Woodrow Stanley.

Davis' statements came before a contentious city council meeting August 1, 2016 over Flint's recent trash collection shutdown. The City of Flint and Republic Waste Services have reached a temporary agreement so that trash collection will resume in the city beginning Tuesday, August 02, 2016. The temporary agreement lasts until August 12, 2016. Citizens are to know that their regular pick-up day will be one day later than normal this week, with regular service beginning August 8.

The special City Council meeting was called by the Council to ask the Council to join a lawsuit brought by Council Member Scott Kincaid (9th Ward), and to ask the Council to seek an attorney to represent the City Council in the named lawsuit regarding trash collection. Purchasing Ordinance #3865 was also on the agenda for discussion.

It was these two items which caused a ‘heated discussion’ between Council members.

The original contract with Republic expired June 30, 2016, with an extension through July 29, 2016. Mayor Weaver and City Council were not able to agree on which company would provide services to the city going forward. Two companies, Rizzo Environmental and Republic Waste Services are in competition for the new contract.  Most of the City Council wants to stay with Republic, while Mayor Weaver and Councilman Eric Mays want to go with Rizzo.

The real point of contention is the amount of the contract going forward. While the offer from Rizzo is cheaper than Republic's, City Council members, like Davis, are claiming there are several other factors involved in their decision to stay with Republic. One of the most interesting ones being the consultant fee that former mayor Woodrow Stanley would receive should the city go with Rizzo, which is allegedly $1.7 million.

Davis claims at the end of the video that Mayor Weaver is pushing for Rizzo because of her involvement with Stanley, and even goes as far to say that he handpicked her to run for mayor, then financed her campaign. Davis says a lot in the video, but nothing is more alarming than, "This is all about Woodrow Stanley gettin' his $1.7 million. That's what this is about. He is the mayor."