The City of Flint announced today it has retained a team of urban water experts from Veolia North America to conduct an analysis of the city's water system.

According to a news release from the city, Veolia is the world's largest water services and technology company and they will asses how Flint's water is tested and distributed. Some of this includes reviewing water treatment processes and operations, laboratory testing and analysis, and engineering report that detail the city's treatment and distribution systems.

In a statement, David Gadis, VP of Veolia North America's Municipal and Commercial Business, said "we understand the frustration and urgency in Flint. We are honored to support your community with our technical expertise so that together we can ensure water quality for the people of the city of Flint."

Veolia anticipates the analysis to take less than two weeks at which time they will present their findings to city officials including the Mayor, City Council and Emergency Manager. Once the findings are presented, city officials will determine on how to move forward. He added that while there is no certainty on a timeline to provide solutions to the problems, the company has "extensive experience handling challenging river water sources, reducing leaks and contaminants and in managing discolored water."

Flint Mayor Dayne Walling said "addressing the city's water challenges are the top priority right now and it is important to bring in an independent, highly qualified team to work with us to address the safety and quality issues."

The Veolia team hit the ground running on Tuesday morning, meeting with city water officials to provide an overview of the work to be conducted. More information on them can be found at

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