Some records are just not made to be broken. I have chosen five sports records that I feel will never be broken. This is my opinion. I want everyone who reads this to add their opinions of records that won’t be broken.

Denny McLain pitched for the Detroit Tigers from (1963-1970). He was a 3x All-Star, World Series champion (1968), AL MVP, and AL Cy Young winner all in 1968, Cy Young winner also in 1969. But, his record that will never be broken is he had a record of 31-6 in 1968. Nobody will ever beat that record. MLB is set up differently these days, and there are too many pitchers that have pitch counts. That record will stand in infamy forever.

The second record that will stand forever is Lance Armstrong’s seven consecutive Tour de France’s he won from 1999-2005. Even though he won while doping and he lied and disgraced himself. But, after reading and watching documentaries, most or all cyclists also did the same thing. I really had a tough time with that one. Armstrong was stripped of all his Tour de France titles. It was his deceit that got him in trouble. But, in my mind, he won these grueling races that last for three weeks.

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My third record that never will be broken is Cy Young had 749 complete games that he pitched in. He also won 511 games in his career. The top pitching award in MLB is named after him.

My fourth sports record that will never be broken is Wilt ”The Stilt” Chamberlain had 100 points in one game. The game was played in Hershey, Pennsylvania. That is an amazing record.

Last, but not least is the “Yankee Clipper” Joe DiMaggio had a 56  game hitting streak. Pete Rose almost broke it but he came up short. That is absolutely never to be broken.

These five records are in my opinion never to be broken. I will take flack for Lance Armstrong, but whatever. Doping and PEDS will always be a part of sports in the world.

Want to see more records? Check out a few more unbreakable ones below.

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