We thought it might be cool to invite a genuine legendary pillar of Michigan Athletics to our studio -- Enter Bruce Madej. Since he says he ”flunked retirement” he’s still going strong too.

With 36 years of experience as the Sports Information Director for the University of Michigan Athletic Department, he worked closely with Michigan’s legendary Coach Bo Schembechler (Bruce says he holds the all-time record for being fired by Bo and subsequently re-hired although the great coach Jerry Hanlon might dispute that 😆).

He was right there at the epicenter for the original Jim Harbaugh and Anthony Carter era, the Desmond Howard, and Charles Woodson Heisman Trophies, National Championships in hockey, football, and basketball, the ascension of a guy named Tom Brady, Derek Jeter’s near Wolverine career, swimming legend Michael Phelps, Red Berenson, Bill Frieder, Steve Fisher, Gary Moeller, Lloyd Carr, Rich Rodriguez, Brady Hoke, and the return of Jim Harbaugh.

Along the way Bruce oversaw several Final Fours, March Madness, including four National Runner Ups, and perhaps most famous of all - The Fab Five saga - right up to the return of another prodigal son…Juwan Howard.

Bruce was also a close confidant, consultant, and friend to a host of Flintstone Wolverines, including Wayman Britt, Rick Leach, Glen Rice, Eric Turner, Rodney Feaster, Brian Carpenter, Gene Johnson, Jimmy Abbott, Demetrius Calip, Jon Runyan, Coach Fred Jackson, Coach Bill Freider, and Athletic Director Joe Roberson.

That’s a lot of names, teams, and events! Bruce Madej was there for it all, and he has a unique and intimate perspective on the evolution of both the college game in general, Michigan athletics in particular, and our special Flint bond with the University of Michigan.

He’s still making a difference as host of the popular podcast “Beyond The Wins And Losses”, which explores the intersection of athletics and business. The podcast is a partnership between two absolutely world class organizations: The U of M Ross School of Business Executive Education Program, and the University of Michigan Athletic Department. It simply doesn’t get much better than that!

Bruce is also the guy who gave me my first big opportunity to write about sports covering Michigan football with my daring and trusty photographer Jim Hargrove back in the day. you can hear all about our locker room encounter with Bo and the team in the interview!

You just can’t find a nicer guy, or a more beloved one among the Maize and Blue faithful. We’re extraordinarily proud to call Bruce Madej a very special, and important friend of “Fish and the Flint Chronicles”! GO BLUE!

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