Dozens of protestors were arrested Thursday in Flint as they tried to get their minimum wage increased to $15 per hour.

The protest started off in a peaceful fashion, but the police got involved when the protestors blocked traffic on Stewart Ave.  The group linked arms and stretched across Stewart in front of McDonalds, making it impossible for any traffic to pass through.

The police asked them to move, and began arresting anyone who didn't.  Protestors who stayed were cuffed with zip ties and loaded onto MTA buses to be taken back to the police headquarters in Flint.  The protesters were issued two tickets: one for impeding traffic and another for failure to obey lawful police order, which carries up to a $500 fine or 93 days in jail.

No worries though because the national protest organizers have promised to pay any fines incurred by the arrests.

The big debate remains, do you think $15 an hour is too high for a low skill job such as fast food?