Now that Americans have had some time to pay off those Christmas bills, it looks like they’re ready to open their wallets for another holiday — Easter. But how much will each of us drop on things like candy, gifts and Easter dresses?

According to a survey from the National Retail Federation, consumers nationwide will spend a total of $16.8 billion, or about $145 per Easter shopper. That’s an 11 percent bump over the numbers seen last year, helped along by retailers who are rolling out the spring sales, unseasonably warm weather, and an improving economy.

And brick-and-mortar stores aren’t the only ones welcoming the glad tidings — 40 percent of shoppers plan to spend their Easter dollars with online retailers.

So what will the average person buy, and how much will he or she spend on each type of purchase?

  • Clothing: $26.11
  • Candy: $20.35
  • Easter dinner: $44.34
  • Gifts: $20.57
  • Flowers: $10.50
  • Cards: $7

[Los Angeles Times]

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