The Easter Bunny was busted just before Easter for…well, let’s just say he had more than eggs in his basket.

Police in Danville, Virginia arrested Joshua Lee Bolling while he was working at a local mall as an Easter Bunny. Police accused him for drug possession. (Note: the Easter Bunny above is completely innocent. The only thing he’s guilty of is being adorable. Well, that and possibly devouring a child’s head like a Cadbury Creme Egg.)

Mall officials alerted the police after the man in the Easter Bunny costume started “acting suspiciously” in between his breaks while visiting with the children. It must have been pretty suspicious since we’re talking about a guy who is dressed up in a giant bunny costume in public.

Mall security and police officers tracked Bolling’s movements as he worked in the mall. They allegedly seized some prescription drugs off of Bolling that he did not have a valid prescription to possess. Police arrested and charged him with illegal possession of prescription narcotics.

Mall officials assured the public that police did not arrest the Easter Bunny in front of the children. They also said the “suspicious behavior took place while he was on breaks and not during his contact with children.” The story did not specify exactly what the “suspicious behavior” was that prompted the call to police. Either way, the Easter Bunny is putting some very interesting “treats” in this year’s crop of Easter eggs.

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