It takes the biggest balls on the planet (and no brains) to pull into a police station parking lot in the middle of the day and start doing burnouts. Well, that is exactly what happened recently at a police station in Dearborn?

Three knucklehead drivers were arrested for reckless driving and their cars were impounded. According to WDIV, this happened right after the chief of police in Dearborn looked out his office window and saw them doing dangerous “burnouts” right outside the police station.

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Dearborn police Chief Issa Shahin:

I wanted to make sure what I saw was real, because I couldn’t believe that this was happening next to the police station.

He also said that these kids were hanging out of their windows as they took off. It sounds to me like some kids were just acting like idiots trying to impress one another. We were all dumb kids at one point of our lives, just not this dumb.

This is something you would see in a movie or something, not real life.

Again, this didn't happen late at night or something when only a few people were at the station. Oh no, this happened in the middle of the day when the station was full of officers.

Obviously it wasn't a big challenge tracking these clowns down since all of their actions were caught on camera and police were easily able to run their plates.

Apparently, dangerous driving is out of control in Dearborn. Since police really started cracking down, in the past five months hazardous driving violations went up 680%.

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