You may have seen your friends sharing the flyer for Luigi's pizza challenge, where two people get an hour to take a 30 inch pizza to the face for $100, but we've got some bad news for you.

Eating pizza from Luigi's is like a rite of passage in Flint. The beloved eatery has been crushing it on the pizza front from Flint's Eastside since 1955. We love their pie so much, we featured their 4-star deluxe prominently on our list of 15 Flint Foods to Try Before You Die. However, the utter amazingness of their pizza is not what we're here to talk about today.

In the last 24 hours, I've noticed several of my local friends sharing a flyer for the 30-inch pizza challenge at Luigi's Pizza & Pasta (see below). Apparently, if you head to Luigi's and you and a friend can take down a 30-inch, 3-topping minimum pizza in an hour, you get the pizza for free and $100. I understand the excitement because I'm pretty sure I could do this, but, as always, the devil is in the details.

What you might not realize is that the hardest part about the challenge for us Flint towners is not finishing the pizza, but getting to the restaurant. Yes, Luigi's Restaurant is still located on Davison Rd near Franklin, but the challenge is not at that Luigi's. The challenge is at Luigi's Pizza & Pasta... in Menasha, Wisconsin.

Rather than continue breaking the bad news to my friends one-by-one as they share this, I figured I'd do it all at once with this article. Unfortunately, there are a lot of dudes named Luigi slangin' pizza, and these things will happen from time to time. Sorry for being a buzzkill here, but look on the bright side -- Our Luigi's still has Flint's best pizza and they're open every day.

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