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Sure, Halloween is all about the kiddos. Opening the front door to the neighborhood wee ones (yours or someone else's) dressed in their trick-or-treating finery is a sugar rush unto itself.

So what's cuter than your four-year-old dressed as Dorothy? Your four-footed fur-baby dressed as a flying monkey! From the innocently hilarious to the strangely sweet, we've rounded up some adorable canines in costume. Which one's your favorite?



Headless Houndsman



Straight out of Sleepy Hollow, this sure-footed, sturdy-backed pony/pup is the Headless Horseman's trusty steed. That is, unless a rabbit hops across his path…


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This sea-dog is ready to hunt for monsters of the deep. (And yes, he dives for Scuba-snacks.) But does he ride a Sea-Doo?


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Ghost Puppies



This gaggle of ghouls prefers Milk-Bones to milk balls, thank you very much. Although they probably wouldn't object to any other type of ball you threw in their general direction.


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Flying Monkey Dogs



The Wicked Witch's high-flying henchmen have never been more adorable. Or less aerodynamic. “Fly, my pretties! Uh, my … er–my pretties? Fly? Pretty please?”


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Guardian Angel



Shhhh. You know what they say about sleeping dogs … they make the most angelic photo subjects.


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Lobster Dog



The pincers on this little lobster-paws are harmless. But the intense cuteness of this crustacean creature will grab you like a vice grip and won't let go!


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Dalmatian Cow



While this Dalmatian/cow/dog hybrid is hilarious, she doesn't seem to be enjoying herself very much. You can read the silent disdain all over her face. “Go on. Somebody try it. Just TRY to milk me. I dare you.”


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For all the times you want to eat your dogs right up.


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Camel Dog



Watch out, he spits! This regal “ship of the desert”/Great Dane has one lovely camel hump happening. This might be the most luxurious mode of trick-or-transport yet.


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Leprechaun Pooch



The luck o' the Irish is clearly with this green-bearded bulldog. Lepredog surely has some magic tricks up his sleeves for getting extra treats in his boo-bucket. (If not, that hat looks like it would make a good chew-toy.)


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Mighty Lion Dog



Who knew a dog could make such a fierce king of the jungle? (Just don't call him “Kitty.”)


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Cow Pokes



Get along, little doggies! The proportions are all wrong in all the right ways on these cowhands' costumes. And just WATCH how fast they round up straggling children.


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Fluffy from 'Harry Potter'



Fluffy, the three-headed dog, was a ravenous terror to kid-wizards in the 'Harry Potter' books and films. We have a feeling that with THIS Fluffy, three heads means three times the kisses!


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The Incredible Hulk Dog



The mini cut-off shorts on this pup have us hulking out and it hurts so good. Just don't make him angry. You wouldn't like Hulk Dog when he's angry.


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