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The Munsters. The Addams Family. The Von Trapps. These famous fictional families made a habit out of appearing together in costume. After all, nothing screams “familial bond” like donning face paint and lederhosen as a nuclear unit.

With Halloween fast approaching, real families everywhere aren’t about to pass up an opportunity to get in on the “dressing-Dad-up-as-the-fourth-ninja-turtle-equals-more-candy” action. From the whimsical to the wacky, here are 10 families who prefer to trick-or-treat as a tribe.






Arggggh! Let the (candy) pillaging begin! Alert the neighborhood watch to hide their best treats from this savage Viking clan.


Canadian Veggie, Flickr


Snow White's Posse



Mirror, mirror on the wall, we know the cutest foursome of all! Seriously, this one has it all—an awesome Wicked Queen mom, a Mirror dad and a brother and sister harmoniously agreeing to play Dashing Prince and Beautiful Princess (their parents can explain it to their therapists later).


Djweso, Flickr





This babe-in-a-blanket looks extra delicious with his favorite condiments close at hand. Someday maybe they’ll have a little pickled relish to add on the side. Please pass the napkins!





These creative patriots are about to score some serious major amber waves of carmel corn! Bonus: if little Lady Liberty can be sure to let the Capitol Building out for routine “recess” breaks, those costumes should last through the Fourth of July.


Alpha Mom





Cover your jugulars, the BAT-FAM is on the fly! These nocturnal navigators earn extra bat-points for utilizing comfy clothes as the basis for their stealthy sonar-suits. And for being adorable.


KimmerKC, Flickr





Hold the ice cream and chocolate sauce. What's the BEST thing to put in the middle of a banana split? A baby monkey, of course! Let's just hope he's not the practical joker-type. A slip-and-fall of that magnitude could be bad. (Really bad.)


Awesome '80s



Ahh, the '80s. Perms, shoulder pads, heavy eye shadow—and don't get us started on the women's fashions! This power couple are clearly about to reach out and touch someone with their baby inside a giant cell phone costume. Think she can phone home from in there? (Or child services?)


Monopoly (Boardwalk) Empire



In every family, there comes a time for the great Monopoly debate: Who has to be the thimble? Sometimes families take that one literally on Halloween.


Santa Sleeves



Happy Hallo-holidays? What's that you say, Rudolph? It's almost time to start baking, shopping and writing holiday cards? Shudder. Now that's a TRULY scary thought!


Myrrien, Flickr

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