According to a news release from the City of Detroit, the Flint City Council's approval of the Genesee County Drain Commission-backed idea to link Flint and the proposed multi-county connector "effectively launched the greatest water war in Michigan's history."

Bill Johnson, a media consultant for the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD), says "the City of Flint is best served by the DWSD." He says the action by the Council "ignores a credible state-sponsored study" by Tucker, Young, Jackson & Tull, Inc. that came out against the "ill-advised Karegnondi Water Authority." The report has said the cost of the Karegnondi Water Authority pipeline will be more than $375 million which is 24 percent more than projected.

The news release goes on to say that once additional costs are figured in, the rates paid by Flint's water customers will be substantially higher than current rates with the DSWD.

The City of Flint's decision to separate from the DWSD is expected to cost the City of Detroit $22 million annually.

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