Homeless people have it tough enough. But then to be treated very badly by people who have sworn "to protect and serve"? The ACLU claims that this happens quite regularly in the city of Detroit.

In a yearlong investigation, the ACLU has uncovered a practice of Detroit police officers who approach people in the Greektown area of the city who look to be homeless, force them into police vans and desert them miles away from the city. The officers call it "taking homeless people for a ride".




In a letter to the Detroit Police Department, the ACLU claims "Not only are police endangering the lives and violating the constitutional rights of homeless individuals, but in doing so, police are compromising the city of Detroit's security by using their time and resources to harm rather than protect the city's inhabitants."

Greektown is a popular spot in Detroit because of it's casino, bars and restaurants. Do you think that officers are trying to clean up the city's image by taking the homeless people out of the area? Is the ACLU right? Are Detroit police violating the civil rights of the city's homeless by "taking them for a ride"? Couldn't their time be spent doing something more productive, like fighting crime?



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