The officer is being investigated, so we give you permission to laugh now.

This is like a Saturday Night Live sketch. Seriously, read it out loud.

A Detroit police officer showed up to breathalyzer training in Lansing...drunk.

He and his partner were in the state's capital to participate in a training program put on by Michigan State Police about how to use their new breathalyzer system.

Because why the heck not, said officer decided to volunteer for a demonstration. Needless to say, he blew a .08.


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I'm literally uncomfortable just typing this. It's like seeing Kevin spill the chili in The Office. 

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" this a set-up? Or is he really drunk?!"

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Yep, he was really drunk. He wasn't driving and didn't have his gun on him, so he wasn't arrested. But it IS being investigated.

Chew on that for a few, folks.

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