Detroit Lion Don Muhlbach has been the long snapper for the team has been released putting an end to a 17 season career in the Motor City.

It's usually kickers and punters that manage to stay on an NFL team much longer than your average player. The Lions have had some great ones like Jason Hanson, Matt Prater and Eddie Murray just to name a few.

Every now and then another player on the team manages hang around for an above average stay in the NFL and their position on the team and for the Lions that player was Don Muhlbach.

The sad part about this release is the Lions for some reason chose Muhlback's birthday to give him the news. Not quite the happy birthday wish he may have hoped for but he is one of the oldest players in the league and now a free agent, who knows, he may get a birthday present from some other team.

According to FOX 17, Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell said, "Don's a pro. He's an even better person. He meant a lot to this organization, always will." Campbell went on to say, "I hate it, man. This is the hardest time, especially with a player like him."

Coach Campbell is no stranger to Muhlback, they played three seasons together as Detroit Lions.

This is that time of year when NFL teams are making moves in their roster to get their team set and hopefully be deep in positions that are notorious for injuries. Management made the move in order to acquire a backup quarterback with former XFL QB Jordan Ta'amu. This oddly enough happened after the Lions re-signed with Muhlbach in March of this year. Although this has been something that has gone on since 2015 with Muhlbach signing one year deals each year.

Detroit Lions owner Sheila Ford Hamp said, "Don Muhlbach will go down as one of the all time Detroit Lions greats. Since joining our team as a free agent in 2004, to earning the resepct of his teammates as a team captain, he has represented our organization with class, consistency and true sportsmanship."

Muhlbach was not just respected by his teammates, coaches and ownership but the fans as well making the Pro Bowl in 2012 and 2018.

Let's all salute this Lions legend Don Muhlbach. "SALUTE."

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