The Detroit Lions are honoring the 1991 team this Sunday by offering fans retro pricing on beer, hotdogs and tickets.

Here is a list with the special promotions that will be ongoing for this Sunday's game against Washington.

  • Special ticket price that includes a throwback pair of Lions Zubaz pants
  • $3.50 Beer and $2.50 Hotdogs
  • First 20,000 fans in the door will get a Barry Sanders Bobblehead

The prices are a throwback to what they were during the 1991 season, but there is a catch that you should be aware of.

The cheap beer and hotdogs are only available at one vendor in Ford Field.  The only place using the throwback prices is The Breadstick Bar and Bistro, located on the second floor of the concourse near Gate A.  The prices will only be available after Noon as well.  Expect lines to be LONG, and supplies to run out.

There is no word if the 1991 celebration will include drunken fans fighting in the highest seats available, like they did at every game ever at the Silverdome.


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