Source: WalletHub

When most people think of the worst cities to drive in, they probably think of New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. But here in Mid-Michigan, we know what a nightmare it can be to travel just an hour down the road.

Detroit takes 'Worst City' title in WalletHub's annual ranking of Best and Worst Cities to Drive in.

Safety, Michigan's crumbling infrastructure, and cost of vehicle ownership are factors that dragged down the Motor City's score. Michigan's car insurance rates which are among the highest in the country contribute to the high cost of ownership of a vehicle in the Mit.

Although New York and Los Angeles fared poorly on the list, coming in at #92 and #93 respectively, cities such as San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Washington DC scored lower in the bottom 10.

Raleigh, NC, Orlando, Fla, and Lincoln, NE ranked as the country's easiest cities in which to drive. WalletHub's survey included only the top 100 most populous cities in the US.

Click here for the full report and methodology used.

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