There’s a theory circulating on various left wing blogs that the destruction of the Americans For Prosperity tent during protests over Michigan’s new Right to Work legislation was an inside job.  I was skeptical but interested to see the video evidence supporting this claim.

The “evidence” is video taped testimony from protester, Tom Duckworth, seated in a room somewhere that he saw a man in an NRA jacket and hat loosening one of the tent straps and pulling on a pole.  “Subsequently,” as Tom puts it, the tent came down.  Tom figures Americans For Prosperity, who he acknowledges were clearly outnumbered, had simply had enough of the protesters “questioning” their beliefs.  Seizing the opportunity, they decided to “help it along” er…make that, to “do it themselves.”  Laughable:

We shared the video yesterday of Steven Crowder being attacked as he attempted to prevent the protestors from pulling down the tent.  Here’s more video of what is clearly an “inside job:”