The day was inevitable, although many who had memories of the popular Michigan ski resort still hoped for a better outcome. Sadly, Sugar Loaf Resort has met its permanent demise.

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Demolition on the once thriving northern Michigan ski resort began on Wednesday afternoon according to Leelanau Enterprises Facebook page. According to their post, it is a Kalamazoo-based demolition firm, Taplin Enterprises, that has been preparing the site for weeks. Taplin has be working  under the supervision of another Kalamazoo-based firm, Envirologic, which often works with the Leelanau County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority.

Just a year ago it was reported that the decaying property had a new owner, and some new plans. According to the Traverse City Record Eagle, the property has been sold to a private buyer listed as SPV 45 LLC. At the time of demolition on Wednesday the company was still the lasted listed owner of the resort area. There is no official word on what the plans are for the property after the demolitions is complete.

Sugar Loaf Resort, the ski lodge located near Traverse City, was a hot spot for skiers in the 1970's, and offered a hotel, condos, ski school, and of course a fabulous ski lodge. The place was always busy with visitors from around the country, until it went quiet in March of 2000 and activity fell silent at the once busy ski resort.

The once thriving resort that saw 3,000 to 4,000 skiers a day, and was once the largest employer in Leelanau County according to, has stood vacant for 20 years. Local residents are hoping to see some sort of revitalization to the property.

Take a look below at what was left of the resort prior to the wrecking ball coming down.



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