If you have plans this weekend that require you to take I-75 through Oakland County, you might want to plan a different route, especially if you have to travel southbound.

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) is going to completely shut down southbound I-75 between Square Lake and Eight Mile. They're also planning to work on the northbound side as well but that will be a smaller stretch that goes from 8 Mile up to 14 Mile Road.

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When will the construction begin?

The chaos will start this Friday night at 11 pm, that's when the closures begin. The closing of ramps will start at 9 pm, also on Friday.

What ramps will be closed?

All ramps to northbound I-75 from the Davison Freeway to 12 Mile Road will be closed. All of the ramps that will be closed to southbound I-75 include those from M-59 to 9 Mile Road.

How long will the construction last?

Surprisingly the project will wrap up relatively fast as they're hoping to have everything completed by 5 am on Monday. Of course, that's not always the case but fingers crossed especially for those Monday morning commuters.

What are the detour routes?

Northbound traffic will be detoured west on Eight Mile to northbound Woodward, then eastbound Square Lake back to northbound I-75. Southbound traffic will take westbound Square Lake to southbound Woodward, then eastbound 8 Mile back to southbound I-75. Those aren't necessarily bad detours but with everyone having to go this way, it's going to create a lot of delays and ugly backups.

Why are they doing this road work?

They're closing down the freeway because they have to demolish the Stephenson Highway bridge. They also have to restore southbound traffic at 13 Mile Road and finish paving northbound I-75

Source: MDOT/Fox 2

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