There is no definitive prediction, just a lot of speculation about where debris from an 8.5 ton Chinese space station could land as early as next week. A computer model generated by indicates that the southern half of lower Michigan could be among the areas most likely to see any debris from Tiangong-1 that survives reentry.

On the infographic below, the map indicates the relative probabilities of where debris could land, should it survive reentry. Regions in yellow have a higher probability while areas shaded in green have a lower probability. Aerospace says that areas shaded in blue have no chance of seeing debris from the space station.

Aerospace indicates that April 3rd is the most likely date for any surviving debris to fall to earth, and indicates there could be a two-week margin of error on either side of that date.

Reports indicate that much of Tiangong-1 is expected to burn up as it reenters the earth's atmosphere, but chunks weighing as much as 220 pounds could reach the ground.