Let's see if we can get the word out and help Ashleigh find her engagement ring.

From our own past experiences, this is not an uncommon tale - grocery or retail employee is at work, handling a million different things and then...BOOM. They notice that their ring is missing. Unfortunately, it's usually too late to backtrack their steps.

Ashleigh Nicole Carter is an employee at the Davison Meijer on Irish Road. She posted in the Davison/Lapeer Yard Sale Facebook group that, last night, she was at work and bagging groceries when she thinks that she lost her engagement ring.

I know this is probably a long shot, but I figured I would ask here first. I lost my engagement ring while working at the Davison Meijer tonight.
I have recently lost quite a bit of weight and haven’t been able to have my rings re-sized to fit properly and it must have slid off my finger. I believe that it slipped off while I was bagging groceries. My wedding band stayed on but my engagement ring is missing.
It went missing some time around 8pm. If anyone sees it, please return it to the service desk at Meijer or private message me. This ring means a lot to me and I would really like it back

If you shopped at the Meijer in Davison last night and had somebody else bag your groceries, please check your bags, your groceries, and your trash. Let's help Ashleigh find her ring!

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