Before you sign up for a new credit card, wouldn’t it be great to know which companies have the happiest customers? Thanks to a new publicly-available complaint database, now you will — and much of the work has already been done for you.

The banking industry was none too pleased when the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau made its complaint records public, but chances are good USAA and HSBC weren’t too worried — they had the fewest complaints in proportion to the size of their customer bases.

Discover, American Express and JPMorgan Chase, in that order, rounded out the top five. So who didn’t rate so well?

Banking analyst Ken Thomas, who sifted through the mountain of newly-available data, said regional bank SunTrust had the highest rate of complaints, followed by TD Bank, GE, Capital One and Barclays.

“This is just another reason why we need the [Consumer Financial Protection Bureau],” Thomas said. “Not just for consumer protection, but also education.”


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