There are a lot of great shows coming to Flint this year. There's also a bunch we haven't told you about yet. Before that happens, I want to remind you of two big shows that are coming to town real soon that you can still get tickets to.

When we first told you about these shows, we had three on the list but one of them( All That Remains) sold out this week.

Crash Test Dummies

I couldn't believe it when I first heard Crash Test Dummies were coming to The Machine Shop. These guys were huge in the 90s due to the massive hit "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm." Thanks to the success of that song, they were able to sell more than five and a half million copies of their album "God Shuffled His Feet."

Good news for you if you're just hearing about the show for the first time, you can still get tickets. The concert is Tuesday, March 1 and it's going to be a fun one.

All That Remains

UPDATED: (2/18/22) Both All That Remains concerts are sold out.

All That Remains have two back-to-back shows coming to The Machine Shop on March 17 &18. March 17 is already sold out but you can still get tickets for the 18th.

What makes these two shows so special is the fact that they're celebrating the 15 year anniversary of their album "The Fall of Ideals'. The band will perform the album in its entirety. I can't wait for this show. "The Fall of Ideals" is hands down my favorite album from All That Remains.

Drowning Pool/Ill Nino/HedPE

On March 24, Drowning Pool, Ill Nino, and Hed Pe will be at The Machine Shop. Yes, all three will be performing together. This show is almost sold out but as of right now, you can still grab tickets.

All three shows are going to be a blast and we hope to see you there.

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