It's official -- Jimmy Fallon is taking 'The Tonight Show' host spot beginning next February  And while he's surely elated as ever, we were curious as to what the last 'Tonight Show' host had to say. No, not Jay Leno. Conan O'Brien.

On last night's episode of 'CONAN' -- which is filming an entire week of shows in Atlanta -- O'Brien took a few seconds to bring up the official news and offer a sincere congratulations to Fallon. During the speech, the host remarked that his former job was a "really fun gig," which brought about some laughter from the audience. After sharing in the laugh, O'Brien went on to claim that Fallon "is the perfect guy to do it. He's going to do a fantastic job!" (Are those words tinged with perhaps a bit of jealousy? After all, Fallon has only been in the 'Late Night seat for four years. Conan had to wait 16 years for the 'Tonight Show' slotted only to be booted out after a few months for Leno's return.)

Here's Leno's thoughts on the transition:

And, of course, David Letterman had to weigh in as well:

Finally, Fallon had this to say:

So what are your opinions on Fallon taking over 'The Tonight Show' next year? And what about Seth Meyers supposedly being considered for the 'Late Night' spot?

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