An online argument turned deadly and a Michigan man known for his outspoken commentary on Facebook was shot to death during a live stream.

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Terrell Smith was widely known as a local celebrity in the Ypsilanti area, offering frequent Facebook Live streams and commentary that was considered 'brutally honest.'

Facebook Live Stream Leads to Host's Death

It was during Smith's June 28 Facebook Live session that things went horribly wrong. In his brutally-honest commentary, Smith professed his loyalty to his hometown while serving up a reality check for its residents.

“What makes y’all think because y’all moved that y’all better than Ypsi?” Smith said on the stream. “Y’all aren’t better than Ypsi. Y’all a product of Ypsi.”

That commentary led to a heated discussion in the comments as thousands of viewers watched.

“Now y’all on Facebook, ‘I’m riding around with 60 shots," Smith said on the feed, presumably quoting one of his adversaries.

In just a matter of minutes, a car pulled up to Smith's home and opened fire. Police tell WDIV-TV that more than 30 shots were fired and Smith was indeed struck. Police say Smith was struck by multiple shots and later died from his injuries.

Smith's assassination wasn't visible on the live stream but the video of the ordeal was viewed more than 37,000 times before it was removed by Facebook.

Three People Arrested

Police have arrested three people in connection with Smith's death. Charges include conspiracy to commit homicide/open murder and a $1 million bond has been set for two of the individuals. Charges for the third suspect are pending, as he had to be transported from Georgia to Michigan.

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