A Clio woman was charged with one count of second-degree child abuse today. This charge is the result of her unidentified child taking marijuana edibles to Edgerton Elementary School in Clio last week, and sharing them with fellow students.

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According to ABC 12, Melinda Gatica, made gummy bears and Lifesavers candy edibles and stored them in the refrigerator. That is where her 6-year-old child took the edibles from and later shared them at the elementary school.

This very unfortunate incident resulted in 15 kids at the school becoming ill, and some of those kids (conflicting reports of whether it was fivesix, or seven kids) were actually hospitalized this past Friday, April 29th. I can't even imagine being a parent, let alone the parent of one of the kids affected.

I am not at all insinuating that this was on purpose. I am one hundred percent sure that this was indeed a horrible accident. This should be a serious lesson for any parent that has any type of marijuana or any drug for that matter within reach of their children. Lock it up.

My late father was a Vietnam Veteran and smoked marijuana for most of his life. Believe me, I knew - but I also knew not to touch it. If you are not comfortable talking to your kids, just do as I said earlier - lock it up.

As for now, NBC 25 and FOX 66 are reporting that a bond has been set for Melinda Gatica with the following conditions, no alcohol use, no drug use unless prescribed and the Clio mom must submit to random drug tests. Gatica is due back in court on Thursday, May 12th.

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