The amount of rain we got over the weekend was pretty nuts not to mention multiple tornados, downed trees and powerlines and power outages. The rain itself caused major flooding across the state which created some dangerous situations.

An 82-year-old woman got caught up in one of those dangerous situations and may have lost her life if it weren't for the Clinton Township Police. Her vehicle was swept from Millar Road on Saturday by the floodwaters and started sinking.

According to WXYZ, three officers were able to swim to her vehicle and pull her to safety before her vehicle became completely submerged.

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One thing you never want to do is drive through standing water. You never know exactly how deep it actually is. A lot of people in Detroit had to learn that the hard way over the weekend.

Clinton Township Police:

This morning (June 26th) around 8 am, Officers from the Clinton Township Police Department responded to a motorist in distress. An 82-year-old woman from Leonard was stranded in her vehicle after it was swept from Millar Road by floodwaters. Officers arrived to find the vehicle almost completely submerged and still sinking in the rising water.

After removing their duty gear, three officers swam to her vehicle and were able to pull her to safety before the vehicle became completely submerged. The woman was conscious and alert but transported to an area hospital for observation.
As a reminder, NEVER drive over standing water in the roadway. The depth and current of the water is not always apparent. A vehicle can be swept away in as little as 6” of water.

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