The City of Flint has said they will be offering a 50/50 sidewalk replacement program to residents.

A news release says under the program, eligible property owners can sign up to have damaged concrete sidewalks repaired by qualified contractors and the city will split the cost of the work. The goal is to repair 1,500 sidewalk squares this year with more next year as the program continues.

Custom side walks will not be eligible for repairs and the scope of the work will include replacing the main sidewalks in front of residential properties, as well as the courtesy walk which is the smaller walkway that runs perpendicular to the main walk.

Proposals from Flint-licensed sidewalk contractors interested in providing sidewalk replacement services are being invited at this time. Once chosen, contractors must obtain a permit for the replacement work and all work must be completed within 14 days after the notice to proceed is issued.

Interested residents must complete the 50/50 Sidewalk Replacement Program application by either picking it up at the City of Flint, Street Maintenance Division located at 702 12th Street or by clicking here.