This man of the cloth has mad skills on the slopes. USA Today shared the video of the snowboarding pastor who makes quick work of the mountain at Mt. Brighton, a popular ski resort in Brighton.

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His name is Reverend Canon Jean-Baptiste Commins, and he's been serving as the Rector of St. Joseph Shrine and Parish in Detroit since last year.

There's a Reason This Pastor is Wearing a Cassock

In the video below, you'll see the 32-year-old French-born priest snowboarding in his Cassock. In 2017, Pr. Commins told Epic Pew that doing so is a form of evangelism.

“With the cassock, it has a real power, too. Because many people ask me where I am from. They ask if I am a real priest, he says. "It helps me be a real apostolate for the church. It shows that we can have a priest doing normal stuff like sports.”

Commins says participating in sports activities has allowed him to meet people, many of whom have later visited his church.

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